Keeping it classy

I am on my way to recovery from a nasty bout of food poisoning which left me doubled over in pain in my bathroom, not sure which end my lunch was going to come out of, and trying to strategize on how to cause the least damage to the bathroom floor and my pride.

Not so cute.

So, I’ve had a couple of posts in mind for you all, including a roundup of my half marathon experience (I finished! You were all so supportive!), as well as a food/recipe post and a post about a great website I found that helps teach Arabic to children through games.

Please come back and visit, as I will be back in business soon, and can’t wait to connect with you all again!

Hoping you are keeping your lunch where it’s supposed to be! Eat safe!


Snot and Smiles

Still a little fussy, still a little snotty, but definitely the winner in the battle against the RSV + double-ear infection bug.

That’s ma boy.

Z Beatles T-shirt

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