SLC Half Marathon Round-Up

It’s been a couple of weeks, and the Salt Lake City Half-Marathon is solidly under my belt.

It’s also a distant memory (you guys are like WHY DO I EVEN CARE ABOUT THIS RIGHT NOW???), but I promised to summarize the race for you, so here goes.

The SLC Half-Marathon was a great experience, because:

It. Kicked. My. Butt.

Repeatedly during the actual race, then for a few days afterward.

Ouch. My butt and ego have been aptly humbled. And taught a lesson.

I didn’t train well enough, and allowed life (and a bit of arrogance) to come in between myself and sticking to a good training plan. I thought that since I had done 8 or 9 miles a few weeks before the race, I would be fiiiiine.

Did I feel like a super-hero running machine? NO.

Did I feel AMAZING and proud for having gotten it done and for not dropping out, even though I may have considered it for a brief moment (I’m not saying I did, only that I MIGHT have). YOU BETCHA I DID!

I did it, it’s behind me, I didn’t quit, and I have a much greater appreciation for the value of proper training!

When I got home my little man greeted me, eyes as wide as the full moon from last night, asking:
“Mama, did you win your race?!?!”
I looked him in the eye and said,
“Yes, I did.”
“Were you the fastest one?!”
“No, I wasn’t baby, but I finished, and that made me happy.”
“Wow mama. You run good.”
“Thanks sweetie.”
Smiling, he hopped off to continue driving his little brother crazy “BLA BLA BLA BLA BABY ZEEEEE BABY ZEEE, I LOVE YOU LIKE A KOOOKOOO KOOKEEE!”

Taking into account all of the above, I think this medal is well-deserved



SLC Half Marathon

This is where I’ll be tomorrow morning:

NOT hitting a PR (personal best).

NOT beating myself up about it.

Focusing on the beauty of connecting to others with a passion for pounding the pavement, and the sense of community that comes from sharing a common goal: To finish.

Wish me luck (and plenty of carbs at the finish line!)

(If you’ve been following my posts since February, you’re familiar with my tumultuous, sometimes painful, persistent, sometimes dramatic, sometimes victorious journey of training for this event.)

Good night!

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